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How To Get The Most Out Of A Wedding Fair - A Quick Guide For Couples

With our first wedding fair of 2020 less than a month away , We thought it would be a good idea to look into getting the best out of attending a wedding fair and how you can make sure you come away brimming with ideas, inspirations and plans!

So you have said yes! Congratulations! your marrying the your dream partner! but where the hell do you go from here! how do you plan your wedding!?? ... well fear not! Wedding Fairs are great places to kick start your wedding planning, weather you are at the beginning of your wedding planning journey or have been planning for a while, Attending a wedding fair is a great place to gather ideas and get needed inspiration on how you can create your perfect wedding day.

A wedding fair gives you the chance to meet like minded people and experienced wedding industry suppliers who can give advice and tips to help you achieve the wedding day you have been dreaming of!

In order to get the best out of a wedding fair weather you attend one or twelve! we have been researching on your behalf and have put together these handy hints to help you:

1. Bring Someone With You

You will need someone to bounce ideas off and help you with your decision making .... who to bring? your Mum, Mum in Law to be, Bridesmaids or Maid of Honour are always good choices ... But don't forget to ask the Groom! The Men can often get overlooked in wedding planning and they often are just as excited about the wedding planning as you are! but don't bring too many people, there is nothing worse than having too many opposing opinions ... you know what they say about too many cooks!

2. Be Prepared!

Before attending your wedding fair familiarise yourself with the exhibitors and and identify any in particular you want to meet, note down any questions you may have so you can get the most out of your visit.

Before the fair make a note of any essential information about your day that you may need to hand over on the day, Venue address, Venue size, restrictions,Guest numbers etc - that way you will give the exhibitors the best chance to be able to personalise what they can offer to suit your specific requirements.

3. Keep Calm and Get Organised

Make sure your phone has plenty of charge - you will be wanting to take lots of pictures!

Bring a note book or organiser so you can make notes and you wont forget anything - you will be speaking to a lot of people and being given a lot of information, what you don't want to do is get home and realise you have forgotten 90% of it.

Make sure you collect all the leaflets and flyers you will be given so you can sit down at home later with a cuppa and reflect on the day and people you have met, you will then be able to connect with them on social media or websites and have a more in depth look into what they can offer you. some wedding fairs give out bridal bags, these are perfect for collecting flyers.

Suppliers may also ask you for your email address and contact details as will the event organiser - do give them over and also make sure they are the correct details as they will be then be able to contact you with any future offers or deals they maybe running. (you can opt out of emails you don't want to receive at any time)

4.Bring Cash for refreshments or you may see something and want to put down a deposit - be aware that not all suppliers will have card facilities. Also suppliers at fairs often offer 'Fair only Deals' or Discounts so you will want the cash to grab some great deals if you see them!

5.Dont Rush! take your time, have a look around, then maybe take a break and grab a coffee and relax and then go back, its easy to feel overwhelmed so taking a break to gather your thoughts if you are trying to make a decision is always a good idea.

6.Dont Feel Pressured, But don't miss out either - if a supplier you have your heart set on you has availability on your wedding day consider putting down a deposit to save your date!

7.Get involved! - A lot of wedding fairs offer demonstrations, go ahead and take advantage of this and get involved, speak to a hair dresser about that hairstyle your dreaming of, get your make up done to see if that lipstick really does suit you - suppliers will be more than happy to help, thats what they are there for.

Most Of all ENJOY IT!! and remember its you and your partners day, as long as you love what you have planned and chosen and are happy that's all that matters! And you are marrying the person you love.

Don't forget if you are planning your wedding and live in the Warwickshire, Leicestershire or West Midlands area come along to one of the shows we are organising in 2020 - We are at the following locations:

The Royal Arms Hotel Wedding Fair, Sutton Cheney - Sunday 1st March

Aston Wood Golf Club Wedding Fair, Sutton Coldfield - Sunday 8th March

The Draycote Hotel Wedding Show, Rugby - Sunday 15th March

Brownsover Hall Hotel Wedding Show, Rugby - Sunday 26th April

The Meeting Centre Wedding Fair, Hinckley - Sunday 26th April

Bolehall Manor Club Wedding Fair, Tamworth - Sunday 3rd May

Ansty Golf Club Wedding Fair, Nuneaton - Sunday 17th May

The Outside Bride Wedding Festival!, Nuneaton - Sunday 14th June

Entrance is free to all of our events and you we work with bridal publications so offer you free bridal magazines to take home! each bride will also receive goody bag which are filled with promotional items, samples and treats

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